This Formal Oreo Dunking Package Has Arrived to Avoid Crumb-Covered Fingers

Dunking Oreos has under no circumstances been this extravagant.

The new Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set—which is one thing we under no circumstances realized we wanted but now surely need—has arrived for the vacations, letting you to thoroughly submerge your Oreo cookies in milk devoid of producing a mess of your fingers.

Developed by The Frankford Company, the established is manufactured up of Oreos, two mugs the two hooked up with a plastic blue Oreo-stacker, and two pairs of crimson tongs for dunking.

The set’s style and design will avert your palms from coming into immediate get in touch with with the Oreos or milk, for that reason avoiding the common cookie-dunking incidents or mess that may possibly occur with it, like fingertips lined in cookie crumbs.





Nabisco has been on a roll this vacation time, shocking us with new creations like the monstrous Most Stuf Oreos and the amazing-and-crunchy Peppermint Bark Oreos.

They also just lately collaborated with Dunkin’ for a spooky-delightful Halloween donut and Disney to honor Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday with confetti birthday cake-flavored  Oreos.

The Oreo Ultimate Dunking Established is available at for $17.98.

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