My Nails Are Extremely Dry With A Inclination To Break up. They Are Now Yellowing. Is This Typical?

Q. For a long time my nails have been quite dry with a inclination to break up. I’m allergic to the formaldehyde generally utilised in nail treatment solutions, so I have been getting night primrose oil capsules. Even so, my nails are now yellowing. Is this standard?

A. Doctors say the yellowing of nails is mainly because they are developing a lot more gradually than standard and can be attributed to a range of wellbeing-associated circumstances which include bad circulation. Taking night primrose is claimed to assist mainly because the prosperous supply of crucial fatty acids not only helps prevent nails from cracking but also assists to retain them typically healthful. Health professionals also advise getting 800 global models (IU) of vitamin E everyday (but check out with your physician very first), or rubbing vitamin E oil immediately into the nail by itself. Even so, if this does not look to assist and you really do not see any enhancement, converse to your physician.

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